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Antonia Dennis was born in Shirley, Solihull and is the 3rd of 6 children. She currently lives on the Derbyshire border but still has strong ties to the Solihull area.


Although Antonia demonstrated a creative streak from an early age, she left education in 1988 for a conventional job before taking up art in June 2014 when, inspired by a painting in Whitewall Galleries, decided a trip to the local art shop was in order to try her hand at a new hobby… not imagining for one moment where it might actually lead.  

Antonia had previously dabbled in craftwork and floristry but, having never been able to draw, the actual talent for painting came as somewhat of a surprise, pulling off a few decent landscapes which she subsequently traded to family and friends for “more paints". 

When given the opportunity to enter an exhibition in October 2014, Antonia decided to switch from landscapes to animals. She knew immediately she had found her forte and her distinctive style was defined. She has since been awarded a number of accolades, including twice being voted “The Public’s Favourite” at Centre of England Arts and an Award of Merit in an international competition in 2016.

To date, Antonia's paintings have been distributed across the UK with several finding their way to Australia and New Zealand.

"I love animals and nature which is where most of my inspiration comes from. My art is vibrant and spontaneous, unaffected by external stimuli and, coupled with my quirky sense of humour, my paintings evoke a feeling of childhood innocence, so creating an escape for adults and children alike. I'm often told my personality shines through in my creations. All I know is that if they make me smile, they'll make others smile… and a smile is definitely worth the canvas it’s painted on. After all, life shouldn’t be taken too seriously"